About CEI

The Center for Economic Information (CEI) was established in November of 1994 as a research unit in the Department of Economics of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri Kansas City. For further information on the history of the CEI, please read A Brief History of CEI, as told by Dr. Eugene Wagner

Mission: Use information technology in support of economic decision-makers in the public and private sectors, and academic researchers.

The CEI has completed research for the public and private sectors. We have public sector clients as small as a fire district, and as large as the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. The research we do with and for the public sector will typically make use of our strengths in the use of geographic information systems, economic statistics, and econometrics. Our major public sector projects in the past include GIS-based surveys of the housing conditions of over 100,000 parcels in cities on both sides of the state line of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Many of the results of those surveys are viewable on our CityScope Internet map server. For examples of other work, see the web pages on Projects and Map Archive.

The research that we conduct for the private sector is usually focused on the ability of the CEI to summarize and/or organize large data sets, as well as our expertise in the area of GIS and economic statistics. Our client list in the private sector ranges from small firms to a large automobile manufacturer.

CEI has a staff of four full-time employees. For information on staff, please click here.