About CityScope/MetroScope

The CityScope/MetroScope Area Indicators and Profiling System is designed to provide statistical profiling, mapping, and database extraction services for sub-metropolitan areas of the Kansas City metropolitan region. Coverage area for the system as a whole (MetroScope) is constituted by the fifteen counties defined for the Kansas City MSA along with selected peripheral counties in Missouri and Kansas. Services are designed to operate at two distinct "scales:" local and regional. For local scale services we preserve the original name of the program--CityScope--implemented back in 2002 in collaboration with the cities of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. Regional scale services, in collaboration with our partners in the Community-Wide Information Network (CWIN), are now designated as MetroScope. The CityScope 2.0 redesign debuted on the CEI website in April, 2011. Collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City for a "health indicators upgrade" facilitated the development and release of CityScope/MetroScope 2.1 in April 2012, which included an alternative implementation of the regional scale service to incorporate the additional counties comprising the Blue KC Service Area.

“Local” geographic scale for CityScope is roughly defined as the incorporated core of the region. For its April 2011 debut, this is limited to coverage for the cities of Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas. In principle, this coverage could be extended in the future to any or all of the cities lying within the geographic extent of the incorporated core.

Area Profiling, Mapping, and Database Extraction Services

Both regional (MetroScope) and local (CityScope) scales provide statistical area profiling, mapping, and database extraction services, but for different levels of geography. The current 2011 implementation of MetroScope/CityScope includes services at the following geographic levels:


Area ProfilesCommunity DistrictsCounties
NeighborhoodsCities (Incorporated Places)

Mapping & Database ExtractionsCommunity DistrictsCounties
NeighborhoodsCities (Incorporated Places)
Census BlocksCensus Tracts
ParcelsCensus Block Groups
Social BlocksCommunity Districts


We anticipate that future updates will include additional indicator data for current geographies, as well as data summarized at additional geographic levels, including zip codes, city council districts, voting districts, unified school districts, neighborhood school "catchment" areas, police patrol divisions and "beats", etc.

Planned system enhancements include implementation of Weave for exploratory spatial data analysis, and user-defined area profiling.