• The Economic Report Series - The Economic Report Series is patterned after the Census Bureau’s series of statistical briefs, providing a four to six-page descriptive analysis of a relatively narrowly defined socio-economic issue, such as employment or income distribution, as it pertains to the State of Missouri. The Series is complete for 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. Reports deal with rural/urban relationships in Missouri, Missouri’s role in the regional, national and global economy, and welfare reform.

  • The Missouri Outlook - The Missouri Outlook is a short-run forecast of employment and earnings for regions, cities, and labor markets in the State, disaggregated by industry, where available data are sufficient for adequate forecasting. The first edition of the Outlook was published in June 1997, with forecasts out to June 1998. The 1998 Outlook provides forecasts for June 1999.

  • Ivanhoe Neighborhoods Non-Residential Activity - This project, financed by a grant from the Kauffman foundation, maps non-residential activity in the Ivanhoe neighborhoods. Center for Economic Information (CEI) uses maps from a survey of residential housing conditions as the starting point for mapping non-residential activity. Non-residential data from a private sector database that originates with the yellow pages and contains mappable information, is layered on top of the housing conditions within the boundaries of the Ivanhoe neighborhoods. CEI then conducts its own survey of the area within those boundaries to determine: 1) the accuracy of the private database, 2) the activity that is missed by the private database, and 3) the nature of remaining blanks in the maps.