Missouri Outlook

The Missouri Outlook is a forecasting project commissioned by the Missouri State Census Data Center (MSCDC). It is a short-run (1 year) forecast of BLS monthly employment and earnings series for regions, cities, and labor market areas in Missouri, disaggregated at the 1-digit SIC level. The forecast period is, roughly, from June of the current year to June of the next.

The first edition of the Missouri Outlook was published in June 1997, with forecasts to June 1998. The hard copy publication runs to 154 pages, including commentary, full color maps and charts, graphical plots for each forecast series, printed data appendix, and a full forecast dataset in a spreadsheet file on diskette. A summary electronic version (pdf format) of Missouri Outlook 1997 is freely available for download.

The second edition of Missouri Outlook 1998 was published in June 1998, with forecasts to June 1999.