Working Papers

Working Paper 1602-01: Modelling Address Level Asthma Encounters

An ordered probit model is estimated for the severity of childhood asthma. Data are from individual childhood asthma health records that are address geocoded to match a survey of exteriorly measured housing condition. Controls for age, gender, race, past asthma encounters, and environmental factors are included in the model. Preliminary results point to a statistically significant impact of exteriorly measured housing structure conditions on the severity of asthma.

Working Paper 1702-01: An Iterative Approach to the Parcel Level Address Geocoding of a Large Health Dataset to a Shifting Household Geography

This article details an iterative process for the address geocoding of a large collection of health encounters (n = 242,804) gathered over a 13 year period to a parcel geography which varies by year. This procedure supports an investigation of the relationship between basic housing conditions and the corresponding health of occupants. Successful investigation of this relationship necessitated matching individuals, their health outcomes and their home environments. This match process may be useful to researchers in a variety of fields with particular emphasis on predictive modeling and up-stream medicine.